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Online Rental Application

  1. Location Requested*
  2. Please take a look at the calendar and propose up to 3 dates for your event. Please choose only dates and times that are available. Availability is not guaranteed.
  3. Includes set up, decorating, soundcheck, ect.
  4. Includes breakdown, cleanup, loadout, ect..
  5. Please include a brief description of your event.
  6. Cash Bar*
    Would you bar services at your event? *Please note that this will result in additional fees.*
  7. Catering*
    Do you plan on having your event catered? *Please note that The Armory does not provide catering services. This question is for internal reference only.
  8. Audio/Visual Needs
    Please select any A/V needs you may require. *Please note that all A/V services are provided by a professional technician for an hourly fee.*
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